Crest Trail

Have you ever looked at the Tetons and wondering what was behind them, besides Victor and Driggs, Idaho?

Well, I have always heard the Crest Trail was a classic, meaning a must do, backpacking trip in the Tetons, but I never realized how amazing it really was. It is about a 26 mile hike, depending on where you enter and exit the trail. We spent two nights on the trail and I was amazed by the endless miles and beauty of the Tetons.
We started from the Tram, off of Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, and a mile into our hike,

we look up the trail to see two black bear cubs and their mom hanging out beside the trail. We were able to bushwhack away from them and go on our way, but it was a fascination to watch the cubs play and run up the tree, without a care in the world, as the mother did not take her eyes off of us. All the hype about bears on the trail (literally) was true!



When we reached this pass, I was speechless. I see the Tetons everyday, but this different perspective made me love them even more.

Next time you’re in Jackson Hole, take a couple extra days and hike or run the Crest Trail. You won’t be disappointed!